Allan Marnie

Allan went on the road in 1969 at the age of 18.  He worked around the United States and Canada in different club bands. Allan returned to Toronto in 1973 and started doing studio work and live gigs locally.  He played TV dates with The Coasters, Dell Shannon and Johnny Tillitson.  He also played with different recording acts throughout the remainder of the 70's and had several Canadian top 40 successes with “Sweet Blindness" and Lenny Soloman.  

He started touring and recording with Chris de Burgh (Lady in Red) in 1979 thru 1994.  He recorded “Nothing by Chance” album in the United Kingdom in 1988.  Allan had several tours with Peter Hoffmann (Waugnarian Tenor at Bayrueth Festival Germany) from1983 thru 1988, and then toured with David Hasselhoff from1988 thru 1996. He also played on Far Corporation recordings (Frank Farion [producer of Boney M, Milli Vanili]).